Adoption Adoptions can formalize a relationship that already exists, or establish a new family relationship. At the law office of CIESLA | BEELER, we have experience with the formalities of adoptions, and can efficiently guide you through the process. Types of adoptions we handle include: Step-Parent Adoptions


Alimony When a marriage ends, the income and financial assets are divided and each former spouse builds a new, separate, life. When there is a disparity in the amount of income each spouse earns, courts may award spousal support, commonly called alimony, to the lower-earning spouse. Many

Asset Tracing

Asset Tracing There are several complexities to making sure all of the assets of the marriage are accounted for and each spouse receives his or her "equitable" share. In some cases, a spouse may not be the one handling the majority of the finances, in other cases,

Child Support

Child Support In July, 2017, Illinois moved to an "income shares" method for calculating child support. The guidelines for this formula method for the courts to use when determining the amount of child support for each case. The attorneys at CIESLA | BEELER can provide you with

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law Collaborative and Cooperative Law are similar and provide clients with a reasonable alternative to litigation. Collaborative and Cooperative Law allow couples to work with lawyers and other professionals, to include: accountants, financial planners, therapists, parenting coaches, etc. in order to craft a settlement which is

College Expenses

College Expenses Divorced parents are required by law to contribute toward their children’s college expenses. College expenses include room and board, tuition, transportation, books, fees, medical expenses and living expenses during periods of recess. Tuition costs vary between schools, financial assistance plays a factor, income and ability


Custody Children need and deserve the care and support of both parents. Whether you are considering divorce, a dissolution of your civil union or you were never married, it is important to affirm your parental relationship and secure the time you need to maintain a strong relationship


Divorce CIESLA | BEELER represents men and women in the litigation and resolution of matrimonial and family related matters. Our attorneys have experience with a wide range of domestic relations issues, including:​ Prenuptial/premarital agreements Postnuptial agreements Legal separation Divorce and dissolution Child custody and visitation, and child

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Sometimes relationships can become threatening and even physically and emotionally abusive. The attorneys at CIESLA | BEELER have extensive experience securing Orders of Protection for clients and their children, who have been threatened or have experienced physical or emotional abuse by a family member, ex-spouse


Guardianship Life does not always go smoothly, but when problems can be foreseen and advance planning is possible, families are more capable of responding effectively. ​After a child is born, it is wise for parents to name a guardian who will care for the child if they

LGBT Divorce

LGBT Divorce Same-sex couples who are divorcing have all of the rights and responsibilities applicable to heterosexual couples. This includes the right to, and responsibility to pay, spousal support. When a marriage ends, the income and financial assets are divided and each former spouse builds a new,

Litigation & Trials

Litigation & Trials When the stakes are high — as they always are when a legal dispute is heading to court — a lawyer’s experience can make all the difference. The trial attorneys at CIESLA | BEELER have decades of litigation experience behind them. We handle a


Mediation Both Kathryn Ciesla and Jennifer Cunningham Beeler are certified in Divorce Mediation, and are routinely appointed by courts to and retained by couples to act as a mediator to resolve pre-judgment and post-judgment issues. The mediation process allows both parties to decide and determine what is

Northfield Family Law, Divorce & Child Custody Attorneys

Northfield Family Law, Divorce & Child Custody Attorneys The search for the right family law attorney can be as much of a challenge as selecting the right approach to your family law issues. The attorneys at Ciesla Beeler have the experience, training and attention to detail to


Paternity Fathers of children born outside of marriage may have difficulties enforcing their rights with respect to parenting time, decision making, even access to school and medical records. Many people think that by executing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP) - a father is granted rights; however,

Post Divorce

Post Divorce Our lives are constantly in transition. You may lose your job, get a new job, earn a promotion that requires a move, re-marry. Your income may change or the needs of your children may change. And whether this change is personal or professional, it is

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements Illinois Premarital Agreements to Protect Your Assets and Important Relationships With the increase in second, and subsequent, marriages and two-career couples, it is more common than ever for couples to talk to an attorney about a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot. At CIESLA

Removal & Relocation

Removal & Relocation Sometime a change in job or remarriage may necessitate a parent relocating outside of the State of Illinois, or even a greater distance within the State. Without an agreement from the other parent, Court approval will be necessary to secure the change in residence.

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Are you looking for a fair and amicable end to your marriage? Have you and your spouse worked together to negotiate a settlement? Not every divorce needs to be a long, expensive and contested process. In many cases, parties work together to settle their all

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Are you considering writing a will for the first time? Has your family situation changed and now you need to change an existing estate plan? Whatever your need or circumstances we can help. We counsel clients on the most effective way to