When a marriage ends, the income and financial assets are divided and each former spouse builds a new, separate, life. When there is a disparity in the amount of income each spouse earns, courts may award spousal support, commonly called alimony, to the lower-earning spouse.

Many individuals are not paid through “traditional” paychecks. Instead, their compensation may be tied to the performance of a company and be paid in the form of commission or bonuses. This can make determining the amount of alimony payments difficult.

In addition to being family law, our lawyers are also sophisticated business professionals. We have experience evaluating complex financial business structures and have the skills necessary to get clients support orders that are fair. We also help clients obtain spousal support modifications after a significant change in income, work or life circumstances.

The decisions made during a divorce may impact your financial health for years to come. It is in your best interests to consult with attorneys who have the skills and experience necessary to protect your interests.