Domestic Violence

Sometimes relationships can become threatening and even physically and emotionally abusive. The attorneys at CIESLA | BEELER have extensive experience securing Orders of Protection for clients and their children, who have been threatened or have experienced physical or emotional abuse by a family member, ex-spouse or household member, and have defended clients accused of violent or threatening behavior.

In Illinois, an act of actual violence does not have to occur for a court to award an Order of Protection. While physical abuse is the basis for some Orders of Protection, harassment, interference with personal liberty, stalking, willful deprivation and intimidation of dependents are factors courts consider in awarding an Order of Protection.

There are three types of Orders of Protection in Illinois:

  • Emergency Order of Protection. Emergency Orders of Protection are obtained quickly, filing the initial petition and proceeding to court on the same day. The Order can be issued without the person accused of the violence or threat thereof. Emergency Orders of Protection typically last 7-21 days, until a hearing for a Plenary Order of Protection can be held.
  • Interim Order of Protection. Interim Orders of Protection provide an additional period of protection, if the hearing on the Plenary Order of Protection is delayed.
  • Plenary Order of Protection. Plenary Orders of Protection are issued after a court hearing in which all parties have the opportunity to testify. These Orders can last up to two years.

If you have experienced one or more of these, the attorneys at CIESLA | BEELER can work with you to act quickly to involve the court and work to see that you and your loved ones are protected.