Life does not always go smoothly, but when problems can be foreseen and advance planning is possible, families are more capable of responding effectively.

  • ​After a child is born, it is wise for parents to name a guardian who will care for the child if they cannot. This is a simple precaution, though not always a simple decision.
  • If a child is born with or has developed a serious disability, parents may need to plan for ongoing guardianship of the child even after he or she reaches adulthood.
  • If an elder parent has developed Alzheimer’s’ or dementia, guardianship by a family member may become necessary at some point.

Advanced planning is not always possible. A serious accident or mental illness can strike at any time, requiring a loved one to step in to make medical and financial decisions.

​Everyone wants to be independent, even people who no longer function well on their own. The truth is, there are times when family members must override the objections of the less competent loved one. In these instance, a guardianship hearing will be held in Illinois probate court. We will assist you in proving to the court that guardianship is needed.

​We also represent people who have been unfairly targeted by family members who wish to gain control of their finances. We defend people in guardianship hearings.