Post Divorce

Our lives are constantly in transition. You may lose your job, get a new job, earn a promotion that requires a move, re-marry. Your income may change or the needs of your children may change. And whether this change is personal or professional, it is likely to affect your maintenance, custody, visitation, child support or other provisions of your Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage and Parenting Agreement.

​When the Court entered your Judgment, it was entered based upon your current situation, but as times change, your circumstances change. The law may allow for temporary or permanent modifications of your Judgment because of those changes. The attorneys at Ciesla|Beeler can help you with your post-judgment needs. Some types of post-decree matters include:

  • ​Enforcement of Judgments
  • Reduction of Support
  • Increases of Support
  • Relocation
  • Removal from Illinois
  • International Custody Disputes/Hague Convention
  • Change of Custody
  • Visitation Interference
  • Restructuring of a Visitation Schedule
  • Contribution to College Expenses
  • Reviewable Maintenance
  • Domesticating Judgments