Prenuptial Agreements

Illinois Premarital Agreements to Protect Your Assets and Important Relationships

With the increase in second, and subsequent, marriages and two-career couples, it is more common than ever for couples to talk to an attorney about a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot.

At CIESLA | BEELER, we provide a wide range of legal services to business executives, business owners, and high-income families. Many of our clients have complex concerns that they believe will be addressed by a prenuptial agreement. Therefore, consultation, drafting and review of premarital agreements are among the family law services our firm provides to clients throughout the Chicago area.

The Many Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

The most obvious value of a prenuptial agreement is its ability to shelter assets in the event of a divorce. But there are a number of other benefits beyond the financial ones:

  • A prenuptial agreement can protect the inheritance rights of children from an earlier marriage, smoothing the potentially contentious relationship between children and the new spouse.
  • It can give both spouses peace of mind that their financial needs will be met by detailing the financial settlement due to a spouse if there is a divorce.
  • It can protect an existing business interest, documenting whether the new spouse will or will not be eligible for a share of the business.